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  • Does Authentic Eats Deliver?
    Yes, Authentic Eats does offer delivery. All orders are subject to a delivery fee and delivery fees vary depending on location.
  • What Kind of Events Do You Cater?
    We offer catering for ALL events! Baby showers, weddings, birthday parties, engagement parties, repass services, corporate events, celebratory events, private dinners (for couples and families), you name it the list goes on! We also offer meal prep packages for those interested, please inquire via the order fill out form.
  • What Are Your Specialty Dishes?
    Everything prepared by Chef Moe is a specialty dish. Each dish is made with the freshest ingredients, patience, and love to ensure a satisfied belly each time! That’s what makes the eats AUTHENTIC!
  • Can I Place A Custom Order?
    Yes you may customize your order by personal or lifestyle preference, dietary needs/restrictions, and request ingredient substitutions based on food allergy. Feel free to place your order here.
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